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Our Story

Revolutionary Business Solutions was designed in April 2013 to ease business processes and deliver end-to-end support and consulting to businesses of all sizes. Our wide and distinguished clientele covers a wide range of industries. We are in a variety of businesses and leading manpower recruitment firms where employees are recognized and rewarded for good work, dedication, and innovativeness.

We understand what clients want and we have been working up to the satisfaction level of our clients throughout. When your business needs outstanding support and performance to extend beyond your competitors, turn to a leading company, Revolutionary Business Solutions, in outsourcing and consultancy to help you regain your focus. By unifying our client’s business objectives and expectations with a high level of professionalism and experience of our team, we help them meet business demands and stay ahead of their competitors.

Why Us?

Entrepreneurial Culture
Our team is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation that injects out-of-the-box thinking into every client solution. Complacency kills creativity.

Specialist Mindset
We reject superficial knowledge, diving into targeted specializations within healthcare software, legal marketing and other niches to create truly tailored digital strategies equipped for your advanced sector.

Built On Trust
RBS only takes on select clients with values aligned to progress, openness and a trust to recommendation cycles that place opportunity before extraction. We partner long-term.

Platform Agnostic
Technology changes, but principles endure. We provide objective guidance on leveraging the platforms and processes that address needs best rather than force-fitting convenient ones.

Accountable Investment
Any spend on RBS services is tied to a measurable ROI goal realized through laser focused execution, whether visitor conversions, bounce rate drops or higher rankings. Our interests align with the client’s.

Consultative Journey
We guide clients through education first around picking optimal solutions vs just executing demands. Understanding why precedes outstanding results. It’s a journey.

Let’s connect to explore if the RBS approach can address the unique digital potential and challenges you now face. We thrive on pushing our expertise.

What We Offer

Tired of piecing together disjointed digital solutions and subpar medical billing support? We blend strategic IT consulting and integrated claim management to help practices maximize reimbursements and thrive online.

  • IT Services – We provide networks, infrastructure, security and help vet emerging innovations tailored for modern medical/clinical environments.
  • Claim Management – Our billing pros consistently achieve 20%+ higher clean claim acceptance rates leading to accelerated payments.
  • Web Development – We build sites focused on digital patient acquisition goals from SEO to conversions.
  • Digital Marketing – Data-driven online growth strategies designed specifically for healthcare organizations to attract and retain patients.

Our Expertise

Medical Claim Management 90%
IT Services 85%
Web Designing 95%
Digital Marketing 90%

Working Strategy


We listen to our client’s prerequisites and understand their expectations to plan our actions and achieve exact solutions.


We are equipped with apt tools and experts. We use latest technology and apt methodology to implement a right solution.


We have a team of dedicated experts to Launch any project on time.

Our Expert Team

We have brought together an incredible team of marketing, technology, and industry experts to deliver tailored solutions that help you achieve your goals:

• Seasoned Digital Marketers – Data-driven strategists keep your marketing efforts aligned towards maximum ROI through organic and paid channels.

• Skilled Designers – Creative pros that expertly blend visual design principles with conversion rate optimization and user psychology.

• SAVVY Developers – Technical wizards that build and integrate cutting-edge solutions tailored for your needs and audiences.

• Former Industry Operators – Offer insider perspectives into the priorities, challenges and opportunities within your specific market.

This cross-disciplinary expertise allows us to strategize, execute and support integrated plans that significantly impact your digital capabilities and bottom-line growth.

Juan George​

Vice President

Sean Hart

Project Leader

Emma Kelly

Creative Director

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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